Our Story

We are a family who have been struggling to maintain health and wellness in a busy working life! 

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Athlete, Mom, Student or works at the Corporate sector; we are certain have been snacking on junk to save your time, just like us! 

Not after De Nu, no more grocery shopping, food preparations, cooking and cleaning afterwards. Our meals will be delivered daily to your doorstep, fresh and sanitized, ready to heat and eat.

De Nu is a solution to feeding our bodies' nutritional values not our bodies' hunger. We choose Grade A ingredients that satisfies our children, we decided to serve you in style, and provide tailored calorie meal plans by professional nutritionists that suits your intake. 

We "the founders" have took it on ourselves to provide you with DELICIOUS yet NUTRITIOUS food! Cooked by internationally certified chefs in a 100% hygienic environment, just as how we wished to be served. We will make this widely available locally and globally in the very near future.

We promise, we will make your lives much easier, classier and healthier. 

-De Nu's Family